The first mHealth system that builds a complete digital health profile of the individual to reduce the risk of adverse health outcomes

We have built a series of advanced mathematical and AI-driven technologies to create a seamless bridge connecting digital health records, wearable data and telemedicine

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Health Profile

We have built a tool that aggregates data from all the relevant sources into a standardized
format ready for analysis. The entire profile is managed via the user’s smartphone

Data Insights

By considering the user’s digital health profile as a connected entity, we can enable early detection, prevention and monitoring of health issues. Our systems combine advanced Bayesian inference with machine learning to identify explainable patterns in health data


Seamless integration of data combined with symptom triage creates a natural funnel
from generated pre-diagnosis to continuing the conversation with an actual doctor. The health profile and pre-diagnosis bring significantly more context to the process, greatly expanding the quality of recommendations that a doctor can give to a patient


Velmio will allow doctors to generate digital treatment plans that combine traditional prescribed recommendations with detailed lifestyle and symptom monitoring

Current Pilots

Women’s health

Used by thousands of women in more than 90 countries. Our direct to consumer pregnancy platform empowers users to make better health decisions

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Public health

We have received global praise for adapting parts of our health tech for COVID-19 symptom tracking. This was achieved in less than 48 hours, in response to a call-out from the Estonian government

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