About Us

Velmio is a digital health startup based in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is globally recognized as one of the world's most digitally advanced societies and for having one of the highest number of startups per person in the world.

Today there’s a number of consumer technologies that collect a vast array of data points covering all aspects of a person’s health. These range from smartwatches to home DNA test kits and diary apps where users log meals or symptoms each day.

However, these solutions are fragmented, with no technology connecting them to consider an individual’s health as a whole. We each generate vast amounts of relevant health data - available at our fingertips via our smartphones - yet little to none of this data is used for improving our health.

At the same time, rapid developments in artificial intelligence and accelerated computing have made it possible to unlock value in this data for the consumer, in the form of preventative measures, early detection mechanisms and telemonitoring solutions operating seamlessly through the user’s mobile and wearable devices and interoperating with healthcare providers. Our founding team’s strong quantitative foundations as a mathematician and quantitative biologist has led us to building these AI-driven technologies to empower consumers to take control of their own health and drive better health outcomes.
Ilia Tikhomirov
Chief Executive Officer
Prior to co-founding Velmio, Ilia worked as a digital health researcher at Australia’s leading scientific research organization, where he realized a need for better pregnancy health solutions. Ilia has been developing mobile apps since 2011, launching health tech solutions for a number of companies in Australia and the US
Sophie Wharrie
Chief Technology Officer
Sophie is an expert in productionizing complex and innovative software solutions, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. Prior to co-founding Velmio, she worked as an artificial intelligence consultant at Deloitte, leading global AI projects. Sophie is a published academic and applied mathematician, with her past work experience also including PwC, Reserve Bank of Australia and several leading Australian universities