About Us
Velmio is bringing the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and mobile technologies to healthcare. Precision medicine powered by AI enables better health outcomes for us all
Our story started in Australia and has taken us to Northern Europe. We started with developing the Velma app for pregnancy health, and are now extending our complex innovations to numerous chronic conditions and beyond

Elliot is a quantitative biologist and UX engineer, with years of experience in digital transformation projects in the health and wellness sector

Elliot is an app developer and UX engineer, and also holds a degree in quantitative biology. His experience includes working with one of the largest Nordic healthcare providers to integrate wearable devices in clinical practice, and leading Australia's largest operator of health and fitness facilities in their transition to a digital-first approach. When working as a digital health researcher at Australia's national scientific research organization CSIRO, Elliot realized that existing digital health tools were not utilizing the latest technological advances in AI and wearables, and as a result, were failing to address core healthcare challenges.

Sophie combines a unique background as an applied mathematician and computer scientist, with extensive experience in product development and business strategy

With degrees in mathematics, economics, and computer science, combined with years of industry experience, Sophie specializes in quantifying our complex world for better decision making. Her PhD research examines how mathematical techniques such as machine learning can be used with medical data (electronic health records, genomics and other "-omics" data, wearable devices, etc) to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases. Previously as a management consultant in Australia she was responsible for strategy and implementation of machine learning projects for leading ASX-listed companies.