Most pregnant women become aware of their baby's movements by around weeks 18-20 of pregnancy. The frequency of these movements tends to increase until week 32 of pregnancy. After week 32, the frequency of movement stays at around the same level until birth, but the type of fetal movement may change. These changes are a normal part of the development of the fetus, as the baby takes up more space in the uterus.

The movement pattern of every baby is unique, but a decreased frequency of fetal movements is associated with stillbirth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, experts advise pregnant women to become aware of their baby's individual pattern of movement.

When measuring your baby's movements, it is important that you take a rest from normal activities, lie down on your side in a quiet room and concentrate on your baby’s movements. You will know what is normal for your baby, so if you sense that your baby's movements are too infrequent, it is important that you contact your healthcare provider.