Fish meals that are prepared correctly are not only safe during pregnancy, but also recommended for a healthy pregnancy diet. Though it’s important to stick to safe choices of fish high in omega-3 and low in mercury, like cod, salmon, herring, sardines and freshwater trout. Avoid raw fish like that often found in sushi or sashimi.

Fish is a great source of a large number of omega-3s (the healthy fats that help build your baby’s brain and eyes). Fish also contains large amounts of protein, which is necessary for the normal growth of the musculoskeletal system of the fetus. Vitamin D is also found in fish, which helps the body to absorb nutrients such as calcium. These nutrients build the bones, teeth, heart, nerves and muscles of the baby and are beneficial to the mother too.

However, it’s important to prepare the fish properly to limit the risk of contracting diseases like toxoplasmosis. For a non-pregnant person, toxoplasmosis is not dangerous and almost asymptomatic. However, this is not the case for pregnant women, where infection can lead to pregnancy loss or fetal malformations.