It is common for pregnant women to be prescribed nutrition supplements to support a healthy pregnancy. These may include standalone supplements for iron and folic acid, or a pregnancy multivitamin covering a range of vitamins and minerals.

Velmio uses your nutrition data to determine tailored insights for your pregnancy health. We encourage you to record your supplements to ensure that the algorithm can understand your nutrition profile as accurately as possible.

How to use record your supplements using Velmio

  • If you take the same supplement frequently, go to “Settings” > “Supplements” > “Add a supplement” and choose your “Supplement type” and “Quantity”. For multivitamins, refer to the packaging to determine the dosage for each individual vitamin and mineral.
  • Each time you take your supplement/s, create a “Diet” log from the “Tasks” screen and select “Log a supplement”. All your saved supplements will show up here and you simply tick a box to confirm that’s what you’ve just taken.
  • Turn on “Diet” reminders in settings to help you remember to take your supplements and record them.

Record your supplements in settings

When you create a diet log your supplements are already prefilled from settings