For many women, it can be annoying to find out that many doctors are fiercely against women wearing high heels during pregnancy. So why are heels not considered safe?

High heeled shoes create increased pressure on the pelvic joints and lower back, which is already overloaded by an enlarged stomach and displacement of your center of gravity. The changes to your body that naturally occur during pregnancy already contribute to pain around the joints and ligaments of the lower back and pelvic region. Wearing heels is also more likely to cause loss of balance, potentially resulting in injury to you and your unborn baby.

Furthermore, due to the increased volume of circulating fluid and the effects of hormones, water is retained in the body and leads to edema (swelling). High heels further increase the load on the lower limbs and only exacerbates this swelling of the legs. Finally, an enlarged uterus presses on the internal organs, including the inferior vena cava (large vein carrying blood from the lower body to the heart), leading to the expansion of veins and the appearance of varicose veins. This in turn also worsens with the load of high heels.

Therefore, it’s best to ditch the heels during pregnancy in favour of orthopedic and comfortable shoes. This will help alleviate many pregnancy symptoms and prevent the development of complications.