The dream of relaxing in the warmth of a sauna can certainly be tempting, but this may have some consequences. The main problem is the effect of high temperatures and steam on the fetus, which is not yet able to independently regulate its body temperature.

Studies have shown that some children exposed to high temperatures (for example, in a jacuzzi or sauna) during the first trimester experience complications in the brain and/or spinal cord. In addition, elevated temperatures can lead to a sharp jump in blood pressure, an increase in the tone of the uterus and, as a result, the occurrence of preeclampsia or premature birth. Even a limited amount of time in the sauna can lead to complications for your child.

Therefore, it’s not recommended to visit the sauna during pregnancy, even for a limited time. To relieve stress and relax muscles, it’s much safer to take a warm bath (as long as the temperature isn’t too hot).