Throughout the course of your pregnancy you will receive lots of medical advice from your healthcare professionals. The Velmio app will also make suggestions by comparing your health logs against clinical guidelines for pregnancy health. 

With all this information about how to manage your lifestyle, eating, sleep and so on, it can quickly become overwhelming and create confusion about what you think you may be doing right or wrong. We’ve designed Velmio goal tracking as a solution to easily manage all this advice and track if you’ve reached your goals in real time. 

Setting custom goals

Our goal tracking feature offers two options - you can either record goals suggested by the Velmio app or set your own custom goals. Setting custom goals is especially useful for when your doctor gives you specific advice.

First, go to the “Pregnancy” tab in the app and select “My Goals”.

If you haven’t got any goals set yet, click “Create” to make your first goal.

Select a variable that you want to track from the dropdown. In this example we’re going to set up a goal for daily fiber intake.

Enter the details of the goal you want to set. Here we're going to set a target of at least 28 grams of fiber per day.

After confirming the goal it will appear here. When you log your diet, exercise, etc., the ring will progressively fill up until you reach the target.

Setting goals suggested by Velmio insights

You can also set goals from suggestions given by Velmio. In your insights feed you may notice that some insight cards have an “Add to goals” option. We refer to these insights as “actionable” insights because they are associated with a formal clinical guideline that you can set as a target.

Select “Add to goals” to add the 1000 mg/daily calcium target to your goals list. The information button (top right of the insights card) gives the source/s for the clinical guideline.

Tracking your goals

Simply go to the “Goals” screen (from the “Pregnancy” tab) to see how you’re progressing on your goals. Velmio will update your progress on each goal in real time based on your HealthKit data.