Public health response
Velmio's Corona-tracker app was one of the first health apps built in the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our timely response was praised globally and validated the scalability of our technology to any health condition
With a lack of real-time data sources for individuals, businesses and governments to monitor the situation, and mounting pressure on the healthcare system, digital health offers a natural solution for collecting and interpreting information in a timely manner
An app for estimating your COVID-19 risk level and understanding the risk level around you
Corona-tracker aggregates data from multiple sources, including wearable devices, to aid the fight against COVID-19 from all fronts. Applications include remote patient monitoring, epidemiological modelling, and as a digital tool complementing clinical trials
Powered by Velmio's connected
Health Fabric technology
A powerful application we built on top of our connected Health Fabric technology, leveraging our team's expertise in applied mathematics and bioinformatics
Temporal epidemiological network science models predict the spread of infection
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