Data driven app to help you monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. Regardless of whether you're perfectly healthy, infected or recovered, we need to help each other to fight against the crisis and digital health provides a means to achieve this.

We're currently living through a crisis of unprecedented scale. With a lack of real-time data sources for individuals, businesses and governments to monitor the situation and mounting pressure on the healthcare system, digital health offers a natural solution for collecting data and delivering information in a timely manner.

Corona-tracker by Velmio analyzes your symptoms to estimate a COVID-19 risk level and shows you the risk level of nearby locations. You have the option to anonymously log your symptoms, location and risk factors. If you own a wearable device you can also sync that data to provide additional context, but this is not a requirement to use the app.

The aggregated data will be made available to researchers to aid the fight against COVID-19. We will also be updating the app throughout the crisis with additional insights to help users monitor the outbreak in real-time.

The Velmio team has volunteered their time to develop this app out of the sheer human necessity to help each other when in need. Thank you for doing the same.


Who should use this app?

Regardless of whether you're healthy, infected or recovered from COVID-19, we need your input to train our models to learn about the virus, so please download the app and share it with everyone you know. Try to complete a 'Health Log' at least once a day. Keep in mind that not showing symptoms is still important statistically speaking, so even if you're not experiencing any symptoms, just fill in your mood and leave the other fields blank.

Statistical modelling is only effective if there is a large amount of data from a diverse range of users. You may think you're not in a risk category but remember that COVID-19 is a new virus that is not yet fully understood, so your contribution will help further develop an understanding of which groups in our community are most at risk.

Does the risk rating correspond to medical advice?

No! The risk rating is an estimate calculated by an algorithm based on the latest official advice on COVID-19 and does not constitute official medical advice. Keep in mind that things are changing frequently and we update the algorithm accordingly. If you are concerned about your health please consult a medical professional.

Do I need to own a wearable device to use this app?

No, we provide this as an option but the app will function in exactly the same way if you don't own a wearable device. In this data-driven era there are large amounts of data generated and stored around the world everyday, but most of this data is underutilized. It therefore makes total sense to give users the option to sync relevant lifestyle data from wearable devices they already own. In combination with symptom tracking, this creates an extremely powerful dataset for understanding public health.

What wearable devices are supported and how does the data syncing work?

The data syncing works via Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android. Therefore, any device or app that is compatible with these platforms will work with Corona-tracker. You will need to ensure that your wearable device is setup to sync data to Apple Health or Google Fit in order for your data to reach the Corona-tracker app (this is automatic for some devices, but may need to be manually configured for others). When you use the Corona-tracker app, press the 'Sync Lifestyle Data' button each time before completing a 'Health Log' to ensure that your data is analyzed correctly.

How and where is the data stored?

The data is stored anonymously and securely in a Google Cloud database located in Europe. We take data privacy very seriously and only record data deemed necessary for providing public health solutions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

How will the data be used?

The aggregated data will be made available to researchers to aid the fight against COVID-19 from all fronts, including medical, social and economic. We will also update the app throughout the crisis with additional insights to help users monitor their risk and recovery. The use cases that we are developing leverage our team's expertise in quantitative biology, applied mathematics and machine learning, to deliver solutions for the community both during and post the crisis.

Who do I contact if I am a researcher interested in this dataset?

Reach out to us at and we will assess enquiries on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with data ethics, privacy and regulatory requirements.

Who develops this app?

Velmio is a digital health startup based in Tallinn, Estonia. We're experts in digital health, quantitative biology, applied mathematics, machine learning and software development. The Corona-tracker app is officially endorsed by Ülemiste Health Centre.

The idea for Corona-tracker emerged from Estonia's "Hack the Crisis" virtual hackathon event. The Velmio team ranked within the top 5 teams, to receive support from Accelerate Estonia, Limitless Fund and Bolt to execute our project during the state of emergency. You can view our original submission video below :)

Endorsed by Ülemiste Health Center

Backed by Accelerate Estonia

About Velmio

Velmio is an early-stage digital health startup currently working on a pregnancy tracking app that combines lifestyle tracking with artificial intelligence to provide actionable health insights about pregnancy symptoms and the risk of complications.

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