Velmio is the most powerful pregnancy app in the world. Learn how to get the most out of Velmio's unique technology to receive the individualized support you deserve during your pregnancy journey
Flexible health tracking
Every digital health feature ready for if or when you need it
Daily tasks
Customize your daily tasks based on what you want to track
Select your daily tasks based on your own needs and interests. Make sure to complete all your selected tasks each day for the Velmio insights feature to function correctly.
Symptom logs
Understand symptoms you experience during pregnancy
Velmio will generate personalized insights to help you manage symptoms that are troubling you. The app also generates health reports that you can take to your doctors appointments
Nutrition logs
Check the nutrition content of meals you eat and suitability for a pregnancy diet
Choose from four ways to track your diet: take a photo, scan a barcode, search our database, or log a supplement. Velmio can also suggest which foods are safe to eat during pregnancy
Baby kicks
Feel your baby's movements
Some women are advised to monitor their baby's movements in the later stages of pregnancy. Velmio can help you identify abnormalities in your baby's normal activity patterns
Weight tracking
Connect smart scales or manually track your weight
As always, it's up to you what aspects of your health you want to monitor with the Velmio app. If you choose to track your weight, Velmio can help you stay on track for a healthy weight gain
Blood glucose
Designed for women with gestational diabetes or pre-existing diabetes
Velmio generates a special health report to help you identify patterns in your lifestyle and blood glucose levels. Read more about gestational diabetes management with Velmio here
Making connections
Velmio generates personalized health insights based on what you track in the app
Insights feed
Check your new insights each day
Based on clinical guidelines for pregnancy care, Velmio helps you understand every aspect of your health. Our models identify patterns in data you track via the app
Tailored for you
Remember to complete the medical personalization questionnaire
Help Velmio show you health insights that accommodate for your individual needs, by completing the medical personalization questionnaire
Health goals
Velmio can suggest goals or you can create goals based on your doctor's advice
Record your health goals in the app to help you achieve your requirements for a healthy pregnancy. Your insights may also suggest goals that you can choose to automatically configure
Health reports
Share with your doctor or read yourself
Designed in consultation with obstetrician-gynecologists, health reports summarize your information recorded in the app. Share with your doctors to bring context to your health discussions
Baby's growth
Witness your baby's development in augmented reality
Augmented reality creates a unique experience for watching your baby grow. Find instructions for how to use this feature here
Chat with Velma
Our chatbot Velma can help you with any questions you may have
Velma's powerful symptom checker can help you find potential causes for your symptoms. Read more about this powerful technology here
The future of health
Contribute to groundbreaking research in pregnancy health
End of pregnancy
Remember to go to settings and tell Velmio you've completed your pregnancy
We know you'll be very busy when your baby is born, but if you get the chance, please take a moment to complete 3 brief questions. You'll be contributing to groundbreaking medical research that will benefit future mothers