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The first pregnancy health app powered by artificial intelligence.

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The Velmio app combines lifestyle tracking with artificial intelligence to generate tailored insights about your pregnancy health

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Every pregnancy is different

Pregnancy is amazing, but it also comes with a variety of unpleasant symptoms and risk of complications. Velmio helps you understand your individual requirements for a healthy pregnancy

Personalized health insights

Generated based on your own data, replacing generic content with timely and relevant advice. Track your lifestyle in accordance with the pregnancy health guidelines

Simplified lifestyle tracking

All aspects of lifestyle tracking managed in the one place, including symptoms, nutrition, mental health, exercise and sleep. Automated processes reduce manual burden, including integration for wearable devices you may already own

A picture is worth a thousand words

Velmio uses image recognition technology to make diet tracking effortless. Simply take a photo of your meal and the app will automatically record its nutrition content

Velma chatbot

It’s normal to have many questions during pregnancy. Our chatbot Velma is here to provide the support you need at each stage of the journey

Sleep tracking

A major limitation of the Apple Watch is its lack of a built-in sleep tracking feature. Velmio uses its own sleep tracking algorithm to detect sleep for Apple Watch users

Innovation in healthcare

Velmio gets better over time as it analyzes lifestyle data from a diverse range of pregnant women. This represents huge progress for women’s health

Your data is protected by anonymizing your identity and allowing you to choose what type of data you want Velmio to analyze

Generate reports for your doctor so that Velmio can work alongside your health professionals

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