At Velmio we're driven by the fact that wearable devices are going to revolutionize healthcare. Wearables are especially well-suited to monitoring the significant physiological changes that occur to the human body during pregnancy.
Some of the ways Velmio is already using wearable devices to help women have a healthy pregnancy
Wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Unfortunately to wearable companies, pregnancy health is at best an afterthought, if even considered at all. Apple Watches and Fitbits for example don't even have a pregnancy setting, which causes a great deal of frustration and anxiety for users.

In contrast, at Velmio we are driven by the potential for wearable devices to transform the healthcare landscape. We embrace the fact that wearable devices are especially well-suited to monitoring the significant physiological changes that occur to the human body during pregnancy.

Wearable tracking is integrated with Velmio's connected Health Fabric technology. This means that our algorithms analyze patterns across all aspects of your health and lifestyle to give you a detailed picture of your health. In combination with technologies like machine learning, our technology will enable early detection and prevention of adverse health outcomes in pregnancy.
We asked our team to tell us about some amazing things Velmio is already doing with wearable devices to improve pregnancy health:
Relieving unpleasant pregnancy symptoms
Back pain, fatigue and varicose veins are just some of the common symptoms experienced by many women during pregnancy that can be relieved and prevented with certain exercises and modifications to your lifestyle. Velmio analyzes your wearable data, symptom logs and medical risk factors to suggest suitable interventions for your symptoms that you can monitor using your connected device.
Understanding possible explanations for pregnancy symptoms
Our chatbot Velma uses a powerful piece of technology powered by artificial intelligence to help you understand potential causes of your symptoms. This technology integrates with your wearable data to understand if any trends in your activity or sleep data, for example, are indicators of a potential condition causing your symptoms.
Safe training heart rate during pregnancy
Regular exercise during pregnancy is generally advocated, as it is proven to provide various benefits for both your physical and mental health. An important point is that your heart rate should always stay safe while you are physically active during pregnancy. Velmio can determine your safe training heart rate and let you know if you need to reduce the intensity of your workouts.
Physiological changes in pregnancy - heart rate
A major change to your body during pregnancy is an increased heart rate to accommodate increased blood flow as your body produces more blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to your baby. If you own a wearable device that measures heart rate you will be able to follow this change as it occurs during pregnancy. Your heart rate may increase by as much as 15 beats per minute.
Physiological changes in pregnancy - SPO2
Newer smartwatch devices now measure blood oxygen saturation (SPO2). A healthy blood oxygen is necessary to supply the energy needed for your muscles to function. However, most people are not aware that SPO2 levels are generally lower in pregnant women due to a number of physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. Velmo will help you understand the safe thresholds for SPO2 at each trimester.
Changes in sleep efficiency during pregnancy
At least 80% of pregnant women report symptoms of daytime fatigue during pregnancy. This is because sleep patterns change during pregnancy in response to hormonal changes and physical symptoms leading to disrupted sleep. Velmio can analyze your wearable data to help you improve your sleep quality in response to these changes at each stage of pregnancy.
Exercise targets that account for your pregnancy and individual risk factors
While exercise is considered generally safe (and encouraged!) during pregnancy, there are certain circumstances where you may need to reduce your activity level or stop exercising completely. This may depend on your medical history, or symptoms or conditions you experience during your pregnancy. Velmio helps reduce any confusion by helping you understand what's safe for you.
Smart scales for tracking weight gain during pregnancy
There are many benefits to tracking your weight gain during pregnancy. Studies indicate that a healthy pregnancy weight gain greatly reduces the risk of health complications during pregnancy and also has benefits for your long-term health in the years after pregnancy. You can either track your weight manually in the Velmio app or sync your smart scales data to the app.
Identification of appropriate weight gain goals for your pregnancy
Velmio can help you understand whether your weight gain is on track according to guideline recommendations. These guidelines are based on your pre-pregnancy BMI and whether you're having a singleton or multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.). Velmio automatically adapts based on your individual needs.
Velmio is bringing the latest advancements in statistical methods to pregnancy health for the first time
What does the future hold for wearable technology at Velmio?

Wearable devices are part of a broader revolution happening in healthcare to create more personalized solutions for managing our health. Connected health solutions like Velmio combine information on your lifestyle, environment and vitals (heart rate, respiratory health, temperature, etc.) to determine a tailored lifestyle plan for your pregnancy that you can track using your smart devices. By sharing your Velmio insights with your health professionals you are also helping them to make better clinical decisions about your health.

These outcomes are achieved by applying the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced computing technologies. The result is a system that not only detects when something is wrong with your health, but also encourages you to make lifestyle choices that can prevent health issues from occurring in the first place. This differs from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, which fails to recognize differences in human beings that influence how we respond to different lifestyle choices throughout our lives. At Velmio our team is leveraging the power of AI for good to create better health outcomes for us all.